“Anchor” on Tonight’s ‘Dancing With the Stars’!

Tune in TONIGHT at 8:00 PM EDT to watch Lindsey Stirling and Mark Ballas doing the Viennese Waltz to my song “Anchor”! 🎈⚓️❤️

Despacito – Hurricane Relief

A few months ago I got a bee in my bonnet to reinvent the hit single for “Despacito” in my own way. The idea wouldn’t leave me alone. I wondered if it would be a little too out of left field being that I haven’t released any solo work for a few years, and then suddenly a cover song in Spanish. But I decided to own the idea, own my Castellano accent and go for broke. I called up producer Joe Corcoran and he was super on board with it all. Now the song is done and the release is coinciding with the aftermath of Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria, and it feels fitting that the net proceeds from this song should benefit the relief efforts. If you download the song on iTunes now through the end of October, net proceeds will go to the One America Appeal fund to benefit Harvey, Irma and Maria relief efforts. Please join us in making a difference. Download “Despacito” here: http://smarturl.it/MG-Despacito



Dear, lovely people who follow my adventures. The last few years have been a roller coaster ride full of highs, lows, and unexpected turns. I hope you’ve had the chance to follow my ventures into the electronic world during this time with the release of the Hive Riot album. It’s a project that I will continue (releasing new Hive Riot singles soon!). I’m also really excited to announce that I will be delving back into the solo singer songwriter work you’ve known me for from the start. I’ve spent the last few days in L.A. getting conversations going and reexamining what it’s going to take to bring you the new music that is pulsing through my veins. In other words, I’m surfacing to let you know that I’ll be releasing another solo project soon! There is much to be done and it will take time to plant the seeds of a new album and watch them grow. But, I am very much looking forward to connecting with all of your beautiful souls again through the phenomenon of music.

Winter Moon CD Sale

Its not quite December yet, but the new snow today made me want to listen to Christmas music! In related news, I am having a special sale on my Winter Moon album now until Friday December 2. $7 and signed. Click here for a link to my store. Happy holidays!